How to reactivate your policy

If you missed a payment and are worried about your policy being invalid contact us as soon as possible.  In most cases we can simply re-activate your plan, with no loss of cover.

a.    Simple Reinstatement
This is the process of putting a lapsed or auto-surrendered policy back to in-force. The policy can be reinstated at any time within five years from the date of last premium unpaid.

We would require the below mentioned
      •    Overdue premium plus current premium with late fee @ 12% per annum on overdue premium, which is applicable
            if paying after 90 days from due date.
      •    CSC-20 form click here
      •    Medical examination, if required by the company.

Please note that a reinstated policy is contestable for 2 years from the date of reinstatement.

b.    Reinstatement by Re-dating
This process can be adopted for certain policies where the premium has not been paid for 2 full years and the policy has lapsed for at least six months. Other points to note for reinstatement by re-dating include

      •    If the policy owner is unable to pay all the overdue premium and accrued late fee then reinstatement by re-dating is permitted subject to the evidence of insurability.
      •    Plan change is not allowed along with the reinstatement by re-date.
      •    Premiums will be calculated based on the attained age of the insured.
      •    Total Payable Amount would be the current premium plus any difference in premium and the interest on difference of premium.
      •    Reinstatement by re-dating is allowed only once during the life time of the policy.

You would need to provide the Policy document, CSC-27 Form click hererequesting reinstatement by re-dating,  CSC-20 Form click here and results of a medical examination, if required by the company

We aim to address all simple re-instatement requests within 1 business day and all reinstatement by re-dating within 3 business days.