Have your circumstances changed?

We want to make sure that you always have the right protection for your circumstances.  If things change – for example, you may start a family, move jobs or emigrate – this could seriously affect the amount or type of protection you need.

a.    Plan Change

We have provided below some of the pre-conditions for making changes to a plan:
      •    Change to Endowment Plan where premium payment period is less than 10 years is considered only within first 6 months.
      •    Endowment policy can not be changed if it is within 5 years of maturity.
      •    A change to three payment plan will be allowed only if there is at least one year left for payment of the first installment of partial maturity.
      •    Plan change and reduction of face amount can not be requested simultaneously.

However, you may want to speak with us before you decide on how to proceed. So if you need any specific information on your plan and how the changes can be made, just call us on at  +977 1 5555166 so we can make sure you’re still receiving the right level of protection.

You need to provide the policy document. Beside this you have to fill the following forms:
CSC-27 (click here to download the form)  and
CSC-20 (click here to download the form)
You may need to make a payment for the difference of premiums along with interest.