Who we are - Global

We’re a big company these days, not with a few years in the insurance service behind us – our roots go right back to 1921, infact. But when we first opened our doors in Shanghai under the name Asia Life, it was a very small company with very big ideas.

Started to help Chinese farmers improve their financial stability in the unstable farming industry of the time, Alico is a business that has grown out of understanding the needs at the heart of a community. And helping people have a secure financial future, whatever their circumstance, is what we’ve been built upon ever since.

We’re ALICO - and we pride ourselves on still operating at the hearts of local communities, even though nowadays we do it in 55 countries And we are one of the largest providers of life and health insurance in the world.

Over 35 million customers across the globe now trust us to look after the futures of their families. And we like to think that’s because we’ve never forgotten why we started. We still work hard to understand the needs of local communities as well as each of our customers - so you end up with a solution that suits you perfectly.