Corporate Goal


To be the world’s first-choice provider of life and health insurance services. We will create unmatched value for our customers, colleagues, business partners and shareholders as we contribute to the growth of sustainable, prosperous communities.

Our Values:

For almost 150 years, MetLife has insured what matters most to all of us - in our lives, in our jobs and in our communities. Our legacy has been built on the promise of protection. We do well when we do right by people. What we have always offered is peace of mind; the stability that comes with knowing the things in life that matter are secure. That remains a powerful promise.

We will always protect what matters most to people, but we also strive to go beyond that - to help inspire and celebrate what that stability enables. We aim to help people to see and seize all the possibilities that life has to offer, the dreams big and small, the journeys as well as the destinations. Because what matters most to us is helping people pursue more from life.